CIO Retail Summit Europe | November 6, 2018 | City, TBD,



Becoming A Service-Oriented Enterprise

Keynote Presentation - 8:45 am - 9:15 am

Many organizations are discovering that adopting service catalogues, curated collections of business and IT services, can both enhance IT-business relationships (by clearly outlining capabilities and expectations as well service costs) and improve operational competency (by standardizing service offerings). Service catalogues are only as useful as their accuracy however and a service catalogue with service levels that cannot be met can in many have a greater negative impact than not having a service catalogue at all. To ensure that service levels are set appropriately it is important to understand the capabilities of the people, processes, and tools that underlie them and this requires measurement up front to eliminate guess work.


  • Service catalogues have a demonstrated value within enterprises to manage costs, improve service delivery, and enhance relationships
  • As important as service definition is to success, service level definition may be even more so to avoid “over-commit, under-deliver” situations
  • Without good performance metrics, the kind derived from an IT Service Optimization platform, establishing appropriate service levels is nothing more than a shot in the dark with a low probability of success