CIO Retail Summit Europe | November 6, 2018 | City, TBD,



Overcoming the Data/Privacy Divide

Think Tank - 4:10 pm - 4:35 pm

To drive greater focus and flexibility in retail capability, retailers are investing heavily in customer data capture and customer data analytics capabilities, whether from traditional loyalty programs, online data capture, or in-store mobile tracking. As more and more personable data is collected or created however, the specter of customer privacy issues begin to loom larger and larger. Enterprises need to take a long hard look at the information they are capturing and the manner in which it is being used to determine whether the potential value outweighs the potential risk, and whether the incentive offer to the customer is sufficient to overcome any reticence on their part.


  • Data privacy is not a show-stopper; customers are willing to share personal information if the payoff is sufficiently worthwhile
  • Not all information gathering needs to be personal and in many cases anonymous aggregated data can be just as instructive, certainly about trends
  • Where information gathering does get personal, opt-in with balancing opt-back-out requirements are essential

Required Qualifications for Speakers:

  • Senior level decision maker of a major organization - i.e. SVP, C-Suite, EVP
  • Executive level experience within a major institution with a direct and relevant focus

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